Jake at the Trick or Treat Trail


Look at the little girl’s face behind Jake–priceless.

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A note for Jesus

I saw this post on The Buckhead Church Blog…very cool post!? The Church needs to embrace the fact that these little guys are going to be leading us sooner than later!? We need to help them follow hard after God!

A note for Jesus ? The Official Buckhead Church Blog.

KidStuf Season One is in the Books!

We just had our final KidStuf of the 2007-2008 season last Sunday.? We had a really good crowd–a record number of children!? We have found it to be a great thing for us to do–difficult, but great.? One of the best things besides partnering with parents is the amount of volunteers who help with KidStuf.? It has quickly become our largest volunteer ministry.

Here is the video I put together of the first season . . . enjoy!

KidStuf at CFC–Season 1

KidStuf Pics

Borrowed ur stole these pictures off of Eric Barb’s Facebook page! Enjoy the new picture gallery feature of the new WordPress Upgrade.

Lot’s of questions about “what is this KidStuf you speak of?” Here are a few answers. Read more

KidStuf Technical Rehearsal Cancelled

The KidStuf rehearsal has been cancelled for tonight. We will be having our final dress rehearsal on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. Make sure you are ready to go and have your parts memorized as we only have a couple of practices.




kidstuf107.jpgWe had a great Tech Rehearsal last night and we are going to have an awesome KidStuf on Sunday!! Please pray for us as we have our official Kickoff of KidStuf on Sunday.

Here is what I put in the Current to be prepared for Sunday.


A few things before Sunday . . .

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Monday Morning Reflections

kidstuf916.jpgWe had an awesome Sunday yesterday as we had our first KidStuf! It went really well and I think it did all that we wanted it to do and more! We really just wanted it to be a “promo” for our church family to see first hand what it was about and invite people to the next KidStuf. We had a really great crowd about 120 people in the sanctuary, not including those in the nursery! We were talking this morning, I think we are going to have some space issues on October 7th!! What a great problem to have!

All of the actors, hosts, dancers, singers, and kids did an awesome job! I can’t be more proud of the production!!

  • The set looked awesome! Margaret Dollarhite did an excellent job cutting and sewing yards and yards of black fabric for the curtain!!
  • Patrick Chandler and Jim Price helped us frame in the door! Great job guys!
  • Eric and Kris did an awesome job in hanging the curtain and signs.
  • Josh Harrold did a great job running the computer. He came for the tech rehearsal on Thursday night to “watch” and learn for next time! But because of some schedule problems, he needed to do it on Sunday morning!! He did an awesome job in such a short amount of time. The learning curve is quite steep on that stuff and he did a great job.
  • The drama was excellent!! Chris Jones, Mark Wofford, and Kalynn McMurray did their best presentation yet! I was so proud of them!
  • Chris Hatley has grown so much in the past 3-4 years since they have been here at CFC! I was teary when Kenzie was so proud of her daddy! Chris, you did such a great job teaching us the Bible!! Awesome!!
  • Jenny had the singers ready to go–Great job Wes, Jill, Becky, and Jenny. It sounded like the background vocals on a professional CD! I got “ants in my pants” just thinking about it!!
  • Kim Scott and the dancers have worked so hard and it showed! The routines were awesome!! Great job Schawo, Eric, Tracy, Tabby, and Katy (and Wes on one song).
  • It is always great to see people laughing and enjoying being at church of all places. I know that God smiles when His people are telling others about His Son–and having a great time in the process!

A huge thanks to EVERYONE who had a part in making this first KidStuf a HUGE success! I know I am forgetting some people, but I am so proud of EVERYONE! You will want to see next month’s production–it is going to be “off the hook” as the kids say!

One tease . . . Gordo returns to make his actual KidStuf debute! Get your pocket protectors ready and invite your friends and family to the next KidStuf, October 7th!