Apple’s iPad…Killed my Kindle??

Wow, the iPad is coming soon and it does a TON of amazing things that your iPhone, Macbook, and my Kindle does…all in a way that only Apple can produce. ?Going to have to save up my pennies for one of these!

So is it good for Amazon or not? Here is a good article by David Camoy that might shed some light on this new war that Jobs is waging against Amazon’s eBook empire.

Apple – iPad – The best way to experience the web, email, & photos.

Monday is for Missions…and mudpies

Wow, what an awesome day at Forest Park Carthage yesterday! ?We had a ton of new faces at both of our services. ?We also got a ton of people signed up for LifeGroups! Exciting things are happening here in Carthage!

Monday is for Missions…

  • Keep praying for Haiti. ?FP has had over 60 people interested in going on relief trips to Haiti. ?We have raised well over $1000 to go to Haiti.
  • FP has a group in Kenya this week. ?Pray for them as they minister in His name at the Mattaw Children’s Village
  • We just had a group get back from Fort Worth, TX yesterday that were working in the inner city with a church downtown.

Too good of a post to pass up on this Monday afternoon…Enjoy! ?This is from Matt Wilkie’s blog this week. ?Powerful!!

A few months?ago, I got my own?Haitian mudpie. It sits on my desk. This gift from our Haiti director,Kevin Rose, has reminded me to pray for the poorest people in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.


On Tuesday, like every other ?normal? day in Haiti, people in the poorest areas of?the country?were eating these for lunch. Some ate them for breakfast that morning and dinner the night before as well. They?re made of dried yellow dirt, vegetable oil and salt.

I?m going to type that again?they?re made of dried yellow dirt, vegetable oil and salt. They?re real mudpies. People eat them.

Then an earthquake hit.

I?m still processing things?but I for now, I wanted to mention the mudpies.

around the world with Jesus ? Blog Archive ? Mudpies for lunch Tuesday, and then?.

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Forest Park’s Haiti Relief Effort

Jenny and I were talking this evening about the situation. ?Glued to the television just like 911 and Katrina. ?The?devastation?is stunning.

We have been getting a lot of calls and questions about what our response will be. ?Brock Cummins, our Missions Pastor has been in contact with several agencies and is exploring the possibility of FP putting together a relief trip to Haiti. ?You will have an opportunity on Sunday to sign up to receive more information about the trip(s).

My cousin’s wife, Nettie was commenting on Facebook about the benefit of being a part of a Southern Baptist Church in Indiana. ?I wholeheartedly agree with her. ?There is a lot of power behind pooling money and resources for a united effort. ?Our Cooperative Program is an amazing thing for sure. ?There is a fund set up to provide relief to the?devastated?country. What is good about the SBC fund is that each gift is 100% toward relief–there are no administrative costs taken out of your gift.

In addition to giving to the SBC relief fund, we are also pooling our money locally to help fund a relief team. ?You can give directly at church to go towards our own FP relief effort. ?Please simply write “Haiti” in the memo of your check and bring it on Sunday.

If you have noticed my tweets and other posts since the earthquake, there are also a ton of other organizations that you can give to as well. ?I think one of the most effective things we can be doing at this time is to pray?fervently?for those who are already on the field and those who are headed that way.

A Response to Pat Robertson?s Comments about Haiti

Donald Miller has hit the ball out of the park with his post “A Response to Pat Robertson’s Comments about Haiti.” ?It is?definitely?worth the 5-10 minutes to read his well thought-out response.

I absolutely love these two?asterisks at the end of the post…

* I understand that many of you will want to comment on the theological truths you?ve found that support Robertson?s comments, and also on the good that Robertson has done. Regarding the latter, this was not a blanket dismissal on Robertson?s life or ministry, it was a response to a comment, regarding the former, it?s a debate I ask you to take somewhere else. Also, this isn?t meant to harshly judge Robertson, it?s meant to calm those who might want to throw a tomato at him, while also trying to understand why somebody could make such an insensitive comment at such a painful time. Lets put our tomatoes down.

* For those thinking this blog was too harsh, please understand that in one passing comment, Pat Robertson painted an entire nation as Godless, and deserving of destruction. Reports from Haiti have stated that many fled into the streets, crying out to Jesus for help. Robertson, by referencing an obscure book of unknown origin chose to prejudice an otherwise ignorant Christian audience of gullible and trusting viewers. I propose, then, this post needed to be written. I only wish more Christian leaders would speak during at moments like this.

There is also a well-crafted update/response to a statement from CBN that basically defends Robertson’s comments as truth.

One of my favorite comments on the blog post is from JB, Now what am I supposed to do with all these rotten tomatoes?”

Better put my tomatoes down as well. . .

In Case you missed it, here is the clip of Robertson’s comments

A Response to Pat Robertson?s Comments about Haiti.

Haiti – Compassion International on Vimeo

I have some great friends at Student Life that I went to seminary with and have always been a HUGE fan of SL Camps!! [email protected] got an email from SL this afternoon sharing this video.

The email says this:

In November 2008, a Student Life team went to Haiti to spend time with the people and produce a film on the work of Compassion International in Haiti.

We hope this video will be useful in your time with students as you pray for the people in Haiti.

Compassion has close to 50,000 Haitian children in their projects in what is the poorest country in our hemisphere with over 50% of the 9 million people living on less than $1 a day. ?Compassion International works in Haiti to relaese children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty.

But now more than ever, they need your prayers and support after this devastating earthquake. ?We encourage you to have your students praying for this country this week and giving to Compassions’s Disaster Relief Fund. ?This fund allows their staff to provide food, clean water, temporary shelter, basic sanitation and medical attention to children and families in need.

Haiti – Compassion International from Student Life on Vimeo.

Operation Christmas Box–Alaska Style!

Monday is for Missions


I have a good friend from high school that is married to a Trooper in Alaska…the great white north of Alaska! ?You think it is cold here in the Ozarks last week! ?They have to scrape ice off their storm door…on the inside…to get in and out of their front door!

I thought this was really cool what their church did for Christmas to serve people who are less fortunate! ?Awesome stuff! ?Check out her blog as well. ?She doesn’t post too much because the internet is really slow up there, but each post is pretty interesting!


Icey & Spicey Tales from the Great North: Operation Christmas Box.

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Welcome! This is our new Homepage. Fresh and modern as it should be for every restaurant 😉

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