Beach Baptism 2014 @ The Journey

Beach Baptism 2014 @ The Journey

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Now Hiring–Worship Pastor

Our church is now hiring a Worship Pastor! Our search committee is really sharp and a great cross section of our church family. There is a great spirit of unity on the team and we have now began taking resumés. If you know of someone who would be a good fit for our church, please send a resumé as well as links to video of the pastor leading worship.

Here is a copy of the job description that we have for the Worship Pastor position. I believe that this a very critical hire and integral part of the team that we are putting together to lead this church into the future.

We have began advertising the opening on seminary and college websites as well as You can find that posting here.

Worshiping in Spirit and Truth |

I really like Rob Rash’s writing style. He is funny, but makes me think.  Here is a great post on Worshiping in Spirit and Truth. It seems that he had been to some of our church services;) Here are a few highlights that I really enjoyed from the post.  Make sure you read the entire post…we have to get this right in the Church!

You can split the church right down the middle…

On the one side you have ‘those‘ people. You know, the ones that get all emotional and cry all the time. They have a little bounce to their step and are prone to raise their hands and say ‘Glory, Hallelujah‘ every five minutes.

We might even consider them a bit crazy.


On the other side you have ‘those other‘ people. The ones that haven’t shed a tear since their birth and carry a 25 pound King James. They have every book of the bible memorized, are annoyed when the service runs long, and appreciate the order of service printed in the bulletin.

We’d probably call them spiritual killjoys.


Like Peanut Butter and Pickles

Some things were just meant to go together while other things simply were not. Unless your a pregnant lady, peanut butter and pickles probably sounds gross. They just don’t go well together. But peanut butter and jelly? Well that’s a match made in heaven.

Our worship, needs to be like peanut butter and jelly. It needs to have a solid balance between both spirit and truth. We cannot allow our worship fo God to lean too far in either direction, otherwise we might miss out on all that worship should and could be. It needs to be both.

Worshiping in Spirit and Truth |

Lakewood Worship Leader Born Without Ears Auditions On American Idol

Really cool story and another picture of God allowing some people to have a platform to show the world His Glory.

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Post found originally on Big Is The New Small here…

Lakewood Worship Leader Born Without Ears Auditions On American Idol | Big Is The New Small.

Interview::Theology and Practice of Worship

Here is a great interview of Bob Kauflin with the Desiring God guys on the Theology and Practice of Worship. If you have a few minutes it is well worth the time to watch the interview.  I have been preaching on worship for the last month or so and opened up our Christmas series talking about worship as well. It has been said that “worship is the activity of the human soul.” Everybody worships…the question is not “do we worship?,” but it is “what or whom is the object of that worship?.” We have found ourselves in the American Church with a real problem because we have placed an extremely high value on form and not so much on the theology and “God” behind the worship. We have these crazy things called “worship wars” that should never happen in the Church of Jesus Christ. We fight over the style of the worship, the dress of those leading, the instrumentation of the worship…all the while, the object of the worship is robbed of His deserved glory. I believe that there is always going to be a battle going on for our allegiance in worship. The Bible is pretty clear that (1) we have an enemy; and (2) he is battling hard to get the allegiance and affection that Christ deserves away from Christ and to any other thing that we might worship. The enemy is working overtime to get us distracted from the True object of worship–Jesus. We have had several really good conversations and discussions about worship here in this local body on Sunday nights following the messages, which is so good to see. We need to have honest discussions about worship in “spirit and truth.” One of our senior adults said it so well last night and basically quoted Paul in 1 Cor. 10:31 in our discussion. He said, “when you get up in the morning and have a drink of water…that is worship. When you go to your job…that is worship. When you have time with your family…that is worship.” Amazing time last night! Paul couldn’t have said it better himself!

    So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV)