Tuck #32 (Blue)

Tucker playing some Boca Hoops

Bravo for Oak Harbor football team’s classy gesture

Great picture of sportsmanship. Check out some great articles about the better side of sports in America.

Bravo for Oak Harbor football team’s classy gesture

Rival School Forfeits Football Division Title To Marysville Team In Wake Of Tragic Shooting.

Lunch buddy

Amazing green…cool part of living in a tropical environment.

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Boca Daily Driver


Only in Boca…just a beater to drive to kids basketball games !

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Jake at the Trick or Treat Trail


Look at the little girl’s face behind Jake–priceless.

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Taylor and Bernhard Langer

Bernhard Langer was our guest at The Journey for our Men’s Day. It was really great to meet one of my childhood heroes speak about Christ. Bernhard Langer is the real deal and was more than gracious to everyone. I’m glad Taylor and Tucker got to meet him. It was a great day!