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Tim Keller on The Church’s Response to Homosexuality

Came across this portion of a Q & A of Tim Keller at Columbia University. Very interesting in light of recent Chick-fil-A controversy.

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What say you?

10 Ways to Ensure I’ll Never Revisit your Church

Sarah Mielke (@sarahemielke), our new worship pastor’s wife tweeted me a link to this post today from Ben Reed on Thom Rainer’s blog….awesome!  There are definitely things we do to ensure that people will be extremely uncomfortable and risk the possibility of them ever coming back to our church again. Here is his list…funny and sad all at the same time.

1. Offer no easy way to plug in to community.

Don’t tell me about small groups. Make me wait forever to plug in…or make me do extensive work to even figure out what kind of groups you offer.

2. Don’t be welcoming in the parking lot.

Just do your job, don’t speak to me as I walk in, and offer a bit of a “it-is-early-on-a-Sunday-morning” scowl.

3. Don’t acknowledge I’m in the service.

Give no head nod to “first timers,” “visitors,” or “folks just checking us out.” In fact, just speak to the inner core, the “members.”

4. Acknowledge me too much.

Call me out and have me stand up. Ask me to publicly share my name and darkest secrets.

5. Don’t give much thought or care to your kids ministry.

People don’t care if their children are safe, watched after, and learn the Bible. Nope. Let them run amuck.

6. Pass the offering bucket twice.

Or thrice. And shame me into giving you money.

7. Don’t share the Gospel, or challenge me spiritually.

Because that’s not why people come to church is it…to be stretched to grow spiritually, is it? Oh, wait, maybe that’s one of the main reasons they show up…

8. Ask me to give me your email address, then spam me.

Overwhelm me, starting on Monday morning, with news from every single ministry your church has ever offered.

9. Visit me at home.

Show up during dinner time, if you can. Or while I’m trying to put my son to bed. That would be ideal, please. Our generation loves the random church-member pop-in when we aren’t even sure we like your church. Love. It.

10. Pastor: disappear as soon as you finish preaching.

Go back to the greenroom. Or Starbucks. But don’t position yourself in the hallway. You are a diva, after all.

We are in a season right now at our church of where we are trying to get better at all of this stuff…I like to say we are “getting ready for company.”

What are some ways that you are “getting ready for company” at your church or business?

Check out the full post here: 10 Ways to Ensure Ill Never Revisit your Church | Life and Theology.