March Madness!

I absolutely love March Madness and this time of year! Since moving into the “Stone Plex,” we don’t have good television reception at all. We get ABC, sometimes…awesome! So, we have had to resort to other means of watching games. If you don’t have cable or satellite, check out what we have been doing–NCAA’s March Madness On Demand.  It is pretty cool…and the best thing it is free! Read more


I stayed up pretty early this morning to watch the lunar eclipse, which was amazing indeed. I wanted to show you all a friend of mine’s astrophotography–it is AMAZING! Phillip and I went to church together as children and teenagers. ?We later went to Southwestern Seminary together as well.

Check out his amazing astrophotography on his website, Visual Universe.

Here is a photo he took last night of the Lunar Eclipse…stunning how God placed everything in it’s place!

Lunar Eclipse, December 2010.  Phillip L. Jones.

Lunar Eclipse, December 2010. Phillip L. Jones.

TRUNK OR TREAT: FP Carthage Style!

We had an awesome turnout, and more importantly, we had a blast at our Trunk or Treat last night! ?We gave out a ton of candy to kids and had a whole lot of people there. ?Here are some pics that Taylor Orr, our photographer, sent me of the event. ?Here are some of my favorites. ?There are more from all three FP Trunk or Treat locations as well at this link…TRUNK OR TREAT BEST. test with a great pic of Taylor boy!


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I am trying to get an easy way to get pictures up on my blog and have come across flickr again. I think I will be able to post pictures from my iPhone and blog them with relative ease.

This is a great picture of Taylor is one of his last games of his season this summer. The guys did an awesome job of growing and improving this season and actually won the post season tournament. (I like to call it our own little World Series . . . but who’s keeping track!) The guys only lost one game the entire season–their first game against the Mudcats! They kept working hard and getting better. I am really proud of them!