Opening Day & Opening Day

Totally Pumped for Soccer This Year!

I absolutely love this time of the year in sports! Opening day for MLB was today, which should be a national holiday. It is actually pretty much a holiday in most Major League cities as kids get out of school to attend the games with their parents. The Final Four is this weekend. And then the Masters is in just a few short weeks. It doesn’t get any better than this for a sports fan here in America!

Today was also opening day for our boys’ soccer teams at Calvary Club Soccer at our church! We had two different practices on the rain soaked fields this evening and had an absolute blast! This is the first time playing soccer for each of the boys, so they are VERY excited for our first games on Saturday. This is also my first time in coaching soccer. I never even played soccer as a kid, so I am trying to learn quickly so I can help the kids and not look like a total hack!

Post Practice Meal @ Steak 'n Shake

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Farewell Family Truckster!

God has really blessed us since I lost my job in August of last year! One of the blessings was this ’93 Plymouth Grand Voyager with red leather interior and wood grain package! I say “blessed” because it really has been a huge blessing for several reasons even though it was not much to look at going down the road. Read more

The Future of Evangelicalism: A Twenty-Something’s Perspective

With the recent craziness with Rob Bell’s new book “Love Wins,” I have found some fresh perspectives on the future of Christianity. One of those perspectives I really have enjoyed hearing is from Rachel Held Evans.  She just recently had a post about her take on the “Future of Evangelicalism.” She is very articulate and I enjoyed her perspective.

Some of my favorite quotes from her post/essay are:

Piper wasn’t simply bidding “farewell” to Rob Bell, he was bidding “farewell” to any of us who agree with Rob Bell, or ask the same questions as Rob Bell, or at the very least wish to stay in fellowship with Rob Bell. It is no longer enough that we too want to love and follow Jesus Christ, or that we too can affirm the creeds of historic Christianity. We’ve also got to ascribe to 16the century doctrines and 16th century interpretations of Scripture…or else be cast out.


But the problem is that after ten years, I’m getting tired of trying to convince fellow Christians that I am, in fact, a Christian, even though I may vote a little differently than they vote, interpret the Bible differently than  they interpret it, engage with science a little differently than they engage with it, and understand sovereignty and choice a little differently than they understand those things.

Read more

World Water Day

One of the best things about Twitter is that you can be more aware about what is going on all around the world. I saw #worldwaterday trending on Twitter this afternoon and then saw this great interactive feature on called “Water Changes Everything.”

Amazing too what $20 will do to bring clean drinking water to a person!

why we do it? charity:water from Rockstar Group on Vimeo.

Bears Taking Their Talents To South Beach Tonight!

Courtesy: MSU Photo Services

I know where I’ll be around 6 p.m. this evening…huddled around my parents TV watching the game on ESPN. It’s Spring Break for the boys, so they will be having some time with grandparents this week, so we are headed to SGF to hang with them!

I am having breakfast with my youth pastor, Scott Watson, in the morning, so it should be an awesome couple of days! Read more

March Madness!

I absolutely love March Madness and this time of year! Since moving into the “Stone Plex,” we don’t have good television reception at all. We get ABC, sometimes…awesome! So, we have had to resort to other means of watching games. If you don’t have cable or satellite, check out what we have been doing–NCAA’s March Madness On Demand.  It is pretty cool…and the best thing it is free! Read more

How To Interview “Real” Rob Bell

This whole deal with @realrobbell is really intriguing to me on many levels. First of all, I really like Rob Bell’s demeanor and seeming joy in the Lord. He also comes across as very sincere…wanting to help people find Christ. There is a huge part of me though, that wants him to “come clean” about some of these beliefs he is proposing in the book. I really don’t think he will ever do that though…it is just not his style. He is more of a question rather than answer kind of guy.

No matter what you think of him or his theology, the new book has caused quite a stir. I really appreciate this interview of Rob Bell by Martin Bashir. He really holds Bell’s feet to the fire and won’t let him just tell stories to get people sidetracked.

What is a “cutter” anyway?

I was listening to Norm Hitzges on sports radio 1310 out of Dallas this morning (old habits from seminary days die hard, I guess.) They were talking about Neftali Feliz throwing a “cutter.” I knew it was kind of like a slider, but not totally sure. “Cutter” is short for “cut fastball.” I did a Google search and found this amazing video from the NY Times. Fascinating indeed!

It’s that wonderful time of the year when we dust off the baseball equipment and shag fly balls and take infield practice! Plus, you get the Masters and March Madness to boot!!

Where can a guy signup to be fired and make $2 million?

Oklahoma has fired basketball coach Jeff Capel.

The decision was made after meetings Monday. Capel’s buyout is expected to be between $2 million and $3 million.

Wow, that’s a lot of money! It is truly difficult for the average person to understand numbers that large…to buyout your contract after being fired. Talk about a severance.

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