Big Game** Sunday

** See this post to read about how the NFL has allowed churches to have Super Bowl Parties, just not allow us to call them “Super Bowl” Parties!

Well, this “Big Game That We Can’t Name” Sunday is going to be awesome at Forest Park Carthage! We have a great new series on marriage starting called, “Old Fashioned Home Remedies.” It is going to be great! I know several of our members are inviting their friends and family to church tomorrow to experience this teaching on how to make their marriages better. That is awesome! There are so many things that pull us apart–kids, work, finances, a bad economy, and the list goes on and on. But it is good to realize that God created marriage and wants our marriages to not just “get by,” but to “prevail!” Come and check out the new teaching tomorrow and bring a friend!

Our Children’s Ministry is starting a new curriculum tomorrow called 252 Basics and is going to be AWESOME! Kendra and her team of children’s ministry volunteers have been working hard to make your child’s experience the best possible each week and this week is no different! This month’s theme is “Fairness” and the decor and theme of the experience is a “County Fair.” It should be a lot of fun for everyone!
Then, in the afternoon, we are having “The Game We Can’t Name” Party starting at 5 p.m.!! There will be lots of our folks there hanging out and watching the game on the big screens! Bring some tailgating food to share and be ready to have a great time! The basketball court, pool room, and the TV in the “family room” will be available as well for those who don’t want to watch the “Big Game We Can’t Name.” The Kickoff is at around 5:30 p.m. Plus, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are doing the halftime show. What could be better than that?? See you there!