Merry Christmas–Boy Band Style!

I have been so busy with life that the blog has taken a back seat for almost a month–yikes.? We started off December with KidStuf and haven’t slowed down since with everything from school parties to children’s choir concerts at Wee Hope and the Giloiz.? I hope to get into a little more regular “blog groove” after the first of the year, but until then, I will hope to have a year in review post soon and also an update on why the blog silence here in a week or so–but no promises.

In the meantime, we have two of the best kids on the planet.? Taylor is pretty much figuring out this whole Santa thing, but hasn’t said anything to ruin it for Tucker.

Christmas Eve started at the Jeffries’ for breakfast, opening presents, and Christmas lunch.? The kids (big and small alike) had a good time testing out the toys and hiking in the back pasture!? We had an awesome time at our church’s Christmas Eve service.? Kris, Eric, Daniel, and Jenny did a great job with a very meaningful worship experience.? I am really blessed to be a part of such an unbelievable team that lifts me up when I am down (and hopefully vice versa!) ? Then Santa had a hard time getting to put out the presents because of an overzealous 6 year old–but finally was able to come and drop off some goodies.
garageband.jpgTaylor got an electric guitar and an amp (if you want to call it that–more like a transistor radio, remember those?).? Tucker got a tackle box full of Play-Dough stuff as one of his “big” presents.? Then later on at Grandma and Grandpa Stone’s, Tucker got a “matching” guitar while Taylor got a microphone and mic stand!? They did a great job “performing” for us in the living room.? Watch out Jonas Brothers!? (That’s for all those parents who have to watch the Disney Channel.)

Just seems like it was yesterday when we were having our first Christmas in Pryor, OK, first Christmas with Taylor, first Christmas (heart monitor-less) with Tucker. . . and wasn’t last Christmas about a month ago??? We are so thankful for all of our friends and family surrounding us to make life so enjoyable!? I hope you all have a wonderful new year in 2008!