Facebook News Feed From Throughout History! ? The Mystery Hour

Friday is for…FUNNY!

This post is really well worth the read from my friend and blood drive coordinator, Jeff Houghton.? This dude is hilarious!? He and his Skinny Improv crew came out and did an annual banquet for us at Finley Crossings and made me laugh so hard my side hurt!

Here is a bit of the post for an appetizer…Thanks for the laugh, Jeff!!

I started to wonder what it would be like if Facebook was around throughout history. What if they had all been friends? I wonder what their News Feed would be like? I?ve heard of a similar thing people have done with Twitter, so it?s not a totally original idea. But, this time it?s Facebook?totally different.

George Washington Just crossed the Potomac. Hellacold!

Alexander Hamilton likes this

Napolean Bonaparte Heading to Waterloo. Should be fun. When I get back I?m buying at Applebee?s.

Ghengis Khan took the quiz, Which Ruthless Leader From History Are You? The result was: Ghengis Khan

My personal favorite…

Richard Nixon This is going to be the party of the year! BYOB!

Ain?t No Party Like?a Republican Party

Location: Watergate

Time: 3 am-

Check out the main course on the link below…

Facebook News Feed From Throughout History! ? The Mystery Hour.