Thrilling Victory . . . Happiness Doesn’t Last Long–at least for me anyway.

The “Stone Boys” (Taylor, Tucker, and daddy) went to the second half of the Bears game last night vs. Drake!! What an exciting win and redemptive for a very difficult season for Barry Hinson and the Bears. But the cloud of Barry Hinson’s firing is still hanging around.

That joy did not last long as I heard this news of my friend’s firing as girls basketball coach at Nixa. Read more

The Devotional Continues!!!

Check out this post on the Regeneration Devotional Blog.

We are going to continue our reading together through Scripture, this time through the Book of Acts! Gary Daily has graciously volunteered to moderate the blog and keep it going each day. A huge thanks to Gary!

And like he said in the most recent entry . . . JOIN US no matter where you are on your journey!! We want to hear from you! Until Monday . . .

Article from last night’s game

Here is the article in the News-Leader of last night’s game between Ozark and Kickapoo. Ozark ending up winning the game setharnold.jpgafter being down the entire game by as much as 19 points. Nineteen points in a high school game is almost too many to come back from, but not Ozark last night. Basically it was a tale of two quarters–the first and fourth.

Here is a picture of Seth Arnold, my buddy’s son and one of Taylor’s favorite Tigers. He is doing a really good job in getting quite a bit of playing time on the varsity team as a sophomore. Keep working on those fundamentals and that shooting kids!!

Ozark wins tonight!!

Both the girls and boys won their district tonight! The girls won their game going away while the boys squeaked one out in the last few seconds to win their game.

It was packed . . . so much that we stood the whole game behind the student section, so Taylor had a hard time seeing and I held Tucker the whole game (boy are my arms tired!) Tucker actually slept most of the second half. Went by the old “band hall” and showed the boys my old locker. It is really funny to see what we looked like in ’91 in all of the trophy cabinets.

The Ozark boys started the game down 11-0 and trailed 34-20 at the half. They never led the game until the final two minutes of the game. They kept on hanging around and capitalized on two consecutive missed front ends of one and one by Kickapoo. Then Ozark made their free throws down the stretch and won 60-57. One of the best high school games we’ve seen! Unbelievable!!

As you can tell, I didn’t have the heart to root against Taylor and his Tigers. I couldn’t do that to him. Plus, I don’t know any of the Kickapoo kids, but know several of the Ozark kids. Actually, we were rooting hard for Seth Arnold who was one of the “coaches” at Taylor’s summer basketball camp. Seth’s dad is a fellow pastor and church planter, so that made it even easier to root for the Tigers. Blood really is thicker than water, isn’t it?? It really is fun to go to games with the boys–especially with Taylor as he really understands the game and watches every detail–especially the announcers.

They move on to SBU in Bolivar on Wednesday. Way to go Tigers!

Difficult Decision Tonight!

So you may or may not know that I graduated a LONG time ago in ’91 from Kickapoo High School–“The Home of the Chiefs.” My good friend Sarah (Green) Jones graduated together. Her dad is no other than Roy Green, Kickapoo’s head basketball coach. I have a feeling that I may see Sarah tonight at the District game tonight that I am taking the boys to enjoy some great basketball. . .

But I have this problem . . . and it is not that I don’t want to go back to my alma mater, or to see some old friends, or definitely not to watch high school basketball, which I love.

I have this problem . . . Taylor Quinn is all about rooting hard for his teams . . . and I think Kickapoo is one those teams because his dad went to school there.

I still have this problem . . .

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Cabin Fever Strikes!

Well, the third straight day of being cooped up in the ol’ house lends itself to a little mayhem and craziness–and today was no different. Got a call late this morning from Jenny that Taylor and Tucker were jumping on the bed. . .

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Ice Storm–2008 Edition??

dsc00152.JPGWe have had a couple of crazy weather winters this year and last!? At first, this current “ice storm” wasn’t looking too bad here in Ozark.? It started with sleet, but now the rains have started and the ice is really starting to pile up as I type.? The thunder is really booming.? Tucker thinks that the thunder is a “truck outside.”? “Listen Mommy. . . truck outside!”? We told him that it wasn’t a truck but thunder and lightening.? Now he thinks it is “Lightening McQueen!”? We’ll see how long we can handle this year’s storm.? Hopefully it will melt quicker than last years storm.? My, what a difference a year makes . . . especially for Tucker.? A one year old and 5 year old is a whole lot different than a “terrible two” year old and a 6 (almost 7) year old.? They pretty much like to get into stuff they shouldn’t get into together, then fight about it until one of us comes and breaks up the fight!? Good times.? Could someone please get me a sedative?

Happy Birthday, Dad!!

birthday-cake.gifI failed to mention my dad’s birthday on the phone last year while they were west for the winter and still haven’t heard the end of that deal!! So dad is going to get several calls wishing him and his favorite president, Ronald Reagan (ha!), a very happy birthday!!

Seriously, I am blessed to have such great parents who have really helped me become the person I have become–the good stuff of course. The bad stuff, that’s all my fault!! Have a great birthday in the sun! Hurry home!!



Crazy Weekend

We had a crazy weekend this past weekend! Because of our “snow storm” on Thursday, we canceled our tech rehearsal for KidStuf. Boy, I don’t know if we will ever do that again! Needless to say, the “dress” rehearsal on Saturday was a bit crazy. As with Murphy’s Law, anything and everything seemed to go wrong–especially with the sound stuff. We just purchased some new microphones and they didn’t work exactly like we wanted. Isn’t technology wonderful??

Then, Taylor and I had to leave the tech rehearsal early for Upward Basketball team pictures. Then we had our 5th game of the season. I couldn’t be prouder of our little guys! They are really improving! Trust me, it has nothing to do with the coaching. Actually, I think they have a huge handicap in that area! It is going to be sad to have the season end in a few weeks because they are really beginning to play really well and play really well together as a team.

Right after the game, Grandma and Papa Jeffries took the boys so that Jenny and I could go to an area church planters meeting. It was a Groundhog Day party!! Any excuse to get together with church planters and eat. Jerry Fields, the state Church Planting Director for MO Baptist Convention spoke and had a good time of Q & A. I really respect Jerry for staying in there for us planters in the midst of some very trying days in MBC Church Planting. Needless to say, planting has really changed in the 6 years since we started the process. Honestly, I really feel like a wily veteran as many of the people we went through basic training with and started planting with aren’t doing it anymore. That has always been a passion of mine–that we need to create networks for planters so as to minimize burnout. Met some folks from Extend Global, a great missions organization based right here in Springfield.

Then, finally, I decided to take the boys to the MSU Bears basketball game to give Jenny a break and some peace and quiet.? They just couldn’t seem to get over the hump and close out the game.? They ended up loosing by one point after not being able to score on several attempts and putbacks in the final seconds.? They also missed several free throws down the stretch that would have put the game away.? We had a good time–Tucker loved to wave at Boomer and eating popcorn, Taylor of course loves basketball, and I just love hanging out with them.

Sunday was extremely busy as well with KidStuf and the Super Bowl.? KidStuf was awesome and the technical things went really smoothly.? The message was on kindness and our cast does such a great job–dancers, singers, actors, and hosts. . . all were awesome!!? How ’bout them G-men?? I always like to root for the underdog unless I have a dog in the fight, so it was great to see such an upset.

Just now getting around to posting such a crazy weekend!!? Maybe we need to slow down.? No, we definitely need to slow down.? Ever felt like you life is moving at the speed of light??? Why do we let it happen that way??? Crazy indeed!!