Willow Creek, Homosexuality, and the Future of Evangelical Response

I guess it always pays to be on time from coming back at lunch at The Summit.  We missed a huge announcement yesterday from Bill Hybels on the withdrawal of Howard Shultz from the schedule of the Summit because of an online petition claiming Willow Creek is “anti-gay.” I felt like Hybel’s response was one of the best responses I have heard in a long time concerning homosexuality and the Church.

Patrick Lencioni was amazing as a last minute fill in talking about being vulnerable in leadership.  He broke out principles from his latest book called “Getting Naked.” Looks like a great book for sure!

Here is Hybel’s graceful announcement/response to the last couple of weeks.  Total class act!

[tentblogger-youtube MFhSfr13Y6o]

I really liked what Ed Stetzer wrote on his blog concerning the announcement.  Here is a portion:

Much could be said here, but let me briefly suggest five principles to consider about the issue of homosexuality and evangelical churches:

  1. The issue is not going away and you cannot ignore it or seek to downplay your views.
  2. The culture sees this as a “justice” issue– Christians discriminating on the basis of immutable characteristics.
  3. Though it is easy to make the case (in the church) that homosexual practice is incompatible with scripture, it will be exceedingly difficult case to make in today’s culture.
  4. Building bridges and showing grace and love is needed, lacking, and essential when dealing with people with different views and values.
  5. At the end of the day, all evangelicals (including centrist evangelicals like those at Willow Creek) will still have to deal with an issue that the world perceives as narrow and bigoted.

Pray for Willow as they are in the media this week– that they will make much of Jesus, will continue to stay true to the scriptures, and will show grace in the process.

Ed Stetzer – Willow Creek, Homosexuality, and the Future of Evangelical Response.

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

I have been going to the Leadership Summit since way back in the 90s while I was in seminary. It has always been an awesome time of learning and the Lord always seems to speak to me in buckets. I am praying that this year is no different as I head to West Palm Beach to attend the simulcast with my new staff. I am really excited about hearing from the Lord as well as learn from these great leaders.

Here is the highlights from last year’s Summit.  It was absolutely amazing and came during a really crucial time in my life as well as a very difficult time in my life.

[tentblogger-youtube 4RHn1ZyjNq4]

One of my favorite speakers from last year was Jeff Manion. God really used him mightily to hang in there and push through a very difficult time in my life and ministry. I am grateful that I pushed through and God has brought us here to South Florida to help the Church in Belle Glade. I say “Church” in capital letters, because the revival is not going to break out in just one church, but in the entire “Church” here in the Glades. I prayed this morning with a group of pastors in this town for revival to come and it start with us individually as well as in our churches.

[tentblogger-youtube RZimFf9Wx4g]

I wonder which person, talk, or phrase God is going to use the next two days to lead me in this next season? We will see!




Andy Stanley on Leaving A Mark

I have never been to the Catalyst Conference, but I would love to go sometime.? I had hoped to go this year, but as Chevy Chase says in Fletch, “I’ve been foolishly squandering my money of heat and rent!” Silly economy!

Andy Stanley from North Point Community Church (Alpharetta, GA) has been one of my “heroes in the faith” for a very long time.? (Probably came around the same time I began following Louie Giglio around the country at Student Life Camps!) He spoke at the first session at Catalyst and from what I have read on many blogs and tweets, it was really good!

Several of my good friends (and family) are there in ATL enjoying the conference.? But it sure is a whole lot cheaper to sit in my office and log in than to hop on a flight to ATL and hotel, and … you get the point.?? Enjoy it Becks, Daniel Mc, and several others!

For us “foolish people” who aren’t there…here is a great post synopsis of his first session talk.

Andy Stanley on Leaving A Mark | churchrelevance.com.

I absolutely love the last few paragraphs…(emphasis mine)

It is not about your mark. It is about His mark.
It is not about who is for or against you. It is about who you are for.
When God does His greatest work through you, you will have no idea what happened.

Our mark isn?t worth our life. Living to make my mark is too small a thing to give my life to, but to somehow be positioned in a place where God can work through me is something worth giving my life to.

Leaders are going to leave a mark. But the daily question for you is, ?Whose mark are you going to leave??

Let’s leave a mark today…HIS MARK!