Tucker and Talan

Tucker and his buddy Talan from church ran in a fundraising run (Boosterthon) for their elementary school. They look like they had a really good time.



Robert Mufson Sportsmanship Award

Taylor received the Robert Mufson Sportsmanship Award in Boca Hoops today. He is great basketball player, but an even better kid. The description of the award is a pretty good picture of Taylor as a an athlete–he really loves the thinking part of the games as well as helping everyone on the team succeed.

Here is the description from the Boca Hoops website:

The Robert Mufson Sportsmanship Award is to be given to one player from each team. This player has shown the courage to be themselves. They have shown their love for the “game of basketball”, and have balanced the desire to win, with the enjoyment of playing the game. This player does not have to be the special athlete but rather a special person who understands the meaning of sportsmanship. A player who truly cares about others, such as players, either teammates or opponents, coaches, referees, and parents.

This award is a landmark in Boca Hoops tradition by recognizing a quality in our children other than pure athleticism.



Boca Hoops Finals

Taylor and Tucker are taking part in the closing ceremonies of Boca Hoops for the 2014 season today. They have had a really good season and the league does a really good job with the “Finals.” There is a sportsmanship award given to a member of each team in the league and the championship game of each age division is played immediately after the awards ceremony. It will be a full day of Boca Hoops…oh, and of course some college football mixed in for good measure!


Tuck #32 (Blue)

Tucker playing some Boca Hoops

Lunch buddy

Amazing green…cool part of living in a tropical environment.

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Boca Daily Driver


Only in Boca…just a beater to drive to kids basketball games !

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Jake at the Trick or Treat Trail


Look at the little girl’s face behind Jake–priceless.

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Taylor and Bernhard Langer

Bernhard Langer was our guest at The Journey for our Men’s Day. It was really great to meet one of my childhood heroes speak about Christ. Bernhard Langer is the real deal and was more than gracious to everyone. I’m glad Taylor and Tucker got to meet him. It was a great day!