Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity

Mark Batterson has a new book coming out later this year called “Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity.” His book “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day” was an extremely influential book in my personal leadership and spiritual pilgrimage. I read it all the way through in the middle of the night…I couldn’t put the book down. ?It came at a time in my life when I was extremely open to the concepts and I really did take some risks that I felt God was calling me to do.

I am currently reading through his second book, “Wild Goose Chase” on my Kindle 2. ?Really enjoying his book on the Holy Spirit along with a companion book, “Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit” by Francis Chan. ?I have been studying and learning about the doctrine of the Holy Spirit lately.

The publisher, Waterbrook-Multnomah is giving away 500 copies of Primal to bloggers who would review the book. ?I would hardly call myself a blogger of any significance. However, I love books…and Mark Batterson books…and Batterson lived in SGF for a while in college…and I lived in SGF for a long time–and college too! ?Anyway, a guy can hope for a free book, can’t he? Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity (9781601421319): Mark Batterson: Books.

Making It ?Their? Church

I came across this post from the folks and it made a lot of sense in regards to my recent post, and particularly John’s comment.

Interesting post.? I have had the same statements from people…especially when they are “checking us out.”? You can always tell when people have left their old church and are reluctantly looking for another place to worship–not necessarily a place to serve and sink their heart into for the long haul.? They have a lot of expressions like, “well at our old church, we did X…you ought to do that…that might be a good idea for you to do.”? I believe it was Rick Warren who said at a church planting conference I attended, “just respond back to those people, ‘Why don’t you just go back to your old church, be reconciled with them, and we will all be better for it.'” That takes courage to actually say that, but it is true.

Much like in a counseling setting; if you are not willing to work on it and put some of the things into practice, you are wasting the counselor’s and your time both!

I love this statement in the post:

I?m asking God to empower me to move people from ?going to church? to ?being the church.? When they stop going and start being, the church goes from yours to mine.

Lord, let that be our prayer as well!

Making It ?Their? Church – : swerve.

Friday is for . . . Friends and Family

A buddy of mine said today, “You know a true friend when they help you move.”? My thoughts exactly!!? We had some of our dear friends and family help us move the “easy” stuff of boxes.? There was nothing “easy” about unloading our storage unit and filling the biggest Penske truck we could get with stuff–lots of it should have been let go of years ago, but you know how hard it is for pack rats to give up their stuff.? It is amazing how much stuff you seem to accumulate over the years.? We had a step smaller Ryder truck when we moved from seminary to Ozark–packed yes, but we made it in one load.? We probably won’t have a totally full truck tomorrow, but full enough to think about cutting out some things.

My friend, Eric Barb wrote a little about this need to have way too much stuff in his “Barb Wire” in the CFC Current. He is a really good writer. I miss the guys.? The were always a lot of fun.

Better get to sleep . . . huge day tomorrow.? Still can’t believe this is our last night in our house.? Tomorrow we will officially be home in Carthage!? WOW.

Kid’s Camp Pics Days 1 & 2

We have had an EXTREMELY BUSY day at camp our first full day!? The kids went to “The Edge” here at Windermere, had tribal challenge games (lots of water and messy stuff), and are going to have a pool party tonight.? We are headed to worship and I am really excited about what God is teaching these kids about how we can trust him no matter how afraid we are or how difficult the situation might be.

Here are some pics of Day 1 & 2 . . . mainly my kiddos in my room as well as our Finley Crossings kiddos.? Enjoy!

Movement in the Force

Some of you may have sensed a movement in the Force on Saturday afternoon. Our friend and former Worship Pastor, Dale Campbell and his beautiful bride, Di, made it “back home” from New Zealand to attend his sister’s wedding. I am really excited to get to see Dale and Di and hang out with them.

If you know Dale at all, you know that he loves hibachi grills, specifically, Fuji. We are eating tomorrow (Thursday) at Fuji at high noon. If you are available, come and grab a chair around the grill and hang out with Dale and Di. I think they are going to be at Finley Crossings on June 1st, so you might want to see them then! Good Day, Mate! To the American Kiwi!!

Financial Peace University

What a great first session tonight! I listen to Dave Ramsey a lot on the radio and have read The Total Money Makeover, but this first session of FPU was awesome tonight. Daniel did an awesome job leading the discussion and I think everyone had a good time.

Relay for Life

Straight Up!, our student ministry decided to help to raise a ton of money to defeat cancer by walking in the Relay for Life at Hillcrest High School in Springfield on Friday night. Jenny was at the “Scrap ‘n Yap” at church, so the Stone boys decided to come out and support our students and walk with them at the Relay for Life. Here are some pics of the gang:

KidStuf Season One is in the Books!

We just had our final KidStuf of the 2007-2008 season last Sunday.? We had a really good crowd–a record number of children!? We have found it to be a great thing for us to do–difficult, but great.? One of the best things besides partnering with parents is the amount of volunteers who help with KidStuf.? It has quickly become our largest volunteer ministry.

Here is the video I put together of the first season . . . enjoy!

KidStuf at CFC–Season 1

KidStuf Pics

Borrowed ur stole these pictures off of Eric Barb’s Facebook page! Enjoy the new picture gallery feature of the new WordPress Upgrade.

Lot’s of questions about “what is this KidStuf you speak of?” Here are a few answers. Read more

The Regeneration Devotional Continues on the 14th

We will begin a journey through the Book of Romans together on the Devo. It begins this next Monday, April 14th. Join us in the word . . . and on the web!!