Walk Toward The Bush

I have been thinking a lot lately about “how do I find God’s will?” This is nothing new, really. However, it has been kicked into high gear over the last year or so as we have been searching and praying for our next place of ministry service.

I am reminded of the story of Moses’ call experience in Exodus 3. He was out on the backside of the desert, simply doing his job (and running from God as well!), and this bush is on fire, but isn’t being consumed. Read more

12-Inch, 3 Speed Oscillating Fan

A couple of weeks ago, the air conditioning wasn’t working at Calvary on Wednesday night. There were several fans set up in the Rock and one was, you guessed it, a 12-inch (maybe bigger) 3-speed oscillating fan that oscillated and blew my notes all over the place. My filter wasn’t on, and I began singing the chorus to this song. One of the youth workers wanted the words to this awesome song, so here it goes!

I don’t know about where you grew up, but I grew up in the Ozarks and I resonate with the words of this song on so many levels! First, my grandma had a little 12-inch, 3-speed oscillating fan that sat on the floor in her living room. And second, my grandma called the couch in the living room a “divan” (that’s definitely a word that “the kids these days” aren’t using on a regular basis!) Finally, the song talks about the family gathering all of the time and brings back such great memories of going to Cabool, MO for family reunions, holidays, etc. It was always this bizarre mixture of hillbillies and “city folk” at our family gatherings. I wouldn’t trade that upbringing for anything. Such great memories of small town America. Read more

Secret Church Simulcast TONIGHT

I am really excited about the Simulcast tonight of Secret Church taught by David Platt. Jenny and I are headed over to the BSU at MSSU to study “The Crucifixion, Salvation, and the Glory of God” tonight. Here is a sneak preview of the topic. The title of the video is “Good Friday,” written and performed by Chris Brooks.  Good stuff indeed.

Undercover Boss – United Van Lines

I absolutely LOVE Undercover Boss. It is really cool to see how great leaders are able to assess whether the vision and values of the organization are working or not out there in the workforce. There are some really smart leaders out there making things happen.

Rich McClure is longtime friend of our family. He is the CEO of United Van Lines based out of St. Louis. His sister is a dear friend and hero of mine. His family grew up at my home church First Baptist Church, Springfield, MO. Before going to United, he was Chief of Staff for former Governor of Missouri, John Ashcroft and worked in the public service sector in both Missouri and Illinois state governments. He was a student at Missouri State University (Go Bears!) when my father was a political science and public administration professor there. (He couldn’t remember if he had Rich in class or not as he taught a lot of those huge lecture sections that his colleagues didn’t like to teach.) Link to the full episode and bonus videos after the break! Read more

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Our little boy is double digits…already! Where has the time gone? He is a wonderful boy in every way. He loves sports of all kinds, especially basketball. He is really smart and has a real attention to details with sports. (We need to channel that attention to his chores, ha!) He loves to watch SportsCenter and listen to play by play sports on the radio.  He very well may be a sports announcer when he grows up. He would be great at it!

Here are some pictures of Taylor Boy over the years (sans early pictures that are on my other computer in storage!) See them after the break! Read more

We Love Us a Good ‘ol Auction ’round Here!

Here is our congressman yesterday on the floor of the house.

Link to embedded video on cnn.com here.

I remember the first auction I ever attended was around Warsaw, MO while my family was on a camping trip. I was fascinated by the whole process. I talked my dad into buying me a cactus plant of all things! It was this tiny little shoot of a thing that has continued to grow and multiply itself for years now.

What is more American than a bunch of people gathered around piles and piles of junk; paying good money…making it your treasure?? Yes, we are hillbillies…and yes, we love our bargains too!

What is the best “bargain” you have ever bought at an auction (online or “live”)?

Congressman shows off auctioneer skills – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs.

The Amazing Albert Pujols on 60 Minutes

Being a St. Louis Cardinals fan all my life, I love Albert Pujols! I love him even more after seeing this video from 60 Minutes Sunday night!

You should also check out the other “60 Minutes-Overtime” videos for additional videos.

Go Cards!!

The Masters Starts Today

One of my favorite times of the year is every spring when the magnolias are in bloom at Augusta, GA. One of the things on my “bucket list” would be to attend the Masters one time in my life.

Growing up, I had several golf books by Jack Nicklaus and watched him late in his career. I remember this tournament specifically because I was really beginning to love golf and watch it all the time. Thought this was a cool picture of the class Jack Nicklaus has and his love for the game and for people.


Student Weekend at FBC Oronogo–Saturday Night I preached on the Disciple’s Identity: “Christ in you, the hope of glory” out of Colossians 1:27. The students had been out all day serving at Ronald McDonald House and Watered Gardens; which is really cool to see them getting out into their community to serve. Again, the worship time was really sweet.

I am reminded when I am at these kind of worship experiences of the “soundtrack” of our lives. Read more

Student Weekend at FBC Oronogo–Friday Night

Theme: Identity: Who are you?

I preached on the Disciple’s Identity: You are “in Christ” out of Matthew 11:25-30 on being “yoked” with Christ. It was a really good night with a great group of people. What I love about my friend, Steve Snider’s leadership for the weekend is that he wanted to it be for both students and their parents as well. They are really trying to partner with the parents and families, not just minister to the students only. It is a very D6 kind of thing going on…very cool. Read more