Road Trip: Carthage Edition


Wow, what an awesome day of serving our community! We decided to take the Church to the people today! We had a great turnout of people helping serve those in need here in Carthage.

Why do this on Sunday? This question has been asked quite a bit lately. The leadership felt that the best time to do this was on a Sunday to have the most people available. Plus, we wanted to do some ?teaching? that worship isn?t necessarily only when a group of people gathers in a church and sings songs and hears a message from the Bible. Worship is a lifestyle. We are also doing this on Sunday to send a message to our community that they are important–so important, in fact, that we are helping them instead of doing something for us. And, what better day than ?the Lord?s Day? to do the ?Lord?s work!?

What about the kiddos? We said that we wanted each mom and dad, use their own discretion on how much or how little ?help? they wanted your child to be today. Our group had a lot of kiddos, so we didn’t get as much done as some of the other groups, but it was an awesome time of teaching for our little guys about what “true religion” (see James) is all about.

Thank you again so much for helping us take the Gospel to this community through your service!

Here is a gallery of pictures of a few of the groups…thanks to Taylor Orr for the photos.