The Journey Begins

We have received and accepted the call today to be the new senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Belle Glade, Florida! We are very excited for the future and very grateful to Jesus for bringing us through a very difficult 14-16 months.

We feel like it is a perfect fit for us in a whole lot of ways. First, God had us both grow up in First Baptist Church in Springfield, MO and I served in two other Read more

Crazy week of Realtors and Tornado Warnings

We had a really interesting week of lots of storms in Ozark. We met with our Realtor on Tuesday morning and therefore I had a LOT of work to do to get our house ready to be put on the market. We really like our realtor . . . she is a real go-getter and is going to do a good job for us!

I dodged the rainstorms and power-washed and stained our deck . . . tell me again why we make our houses look awesome BEFORE we sell them?? We are really bummed that we are having to sell our house! Getting it all shinned up really reminds us why we moved there in the first place! I’m sure someone is going to really love it just like we have over the years!

Back to the Realtors and Tornado Warnings. . .

We had a meeting to finalize the listing and papers on Thursday afternoon. While we were meeting with our realtor, the skies opened up and dumped a TON of rain and hail. Then it started blowing–REALLY HARD . . . and then in a “circular” manner! Needless to say, we turned off the Cardinals/Royals game on cable and turned in on to ol’ Ron “body bag” Hurst and the KY3 weather show. Basically, they said the tornado was right over our heads . . . and looking out the windows, I wouldn’t doubt that information. Needless to say, we were pretty freaked out by the whole situation. I guess we wouldn’t have had to finish this paperwork to SELL our house and begin some other paperwork with our insurance company after our house is hit by a TORNADO!!

Needless to say, we don’t have a storm shelter or basement . . . so David, Jenny, and our realtor are sitting in our bathroom waiting out the storm!! Man, what a sight . . . our realtor and Jenny sitting in the bathtub with big pillows all around!! Man, I wish we had our camera!!

All said and done, we got our house listed and we got all of the painting, scrubbing, and packing for vacation done and left on Friday for vacation! Yeah!

We will blog more this week as we have internet access! Actually, Taylor is going to be starting a new blog category on Stone’s Throw called “Taylor’s Travelogue.” He is keeping a journal of our journeys to Florida and our transition to Forest Park Carthage! We are really proud of our Taylor boy! He is really good at math,science and reading (much like his uncle Tad!!) but can work on his writing–this is a perfect way to do that!! We are going to be uploading some pictures of our journey as well! Enjoy!!