The world many of us grew up in . . .

Wow, this is awesome stuff!? I’m not really sure how anyone got saved in the 80s and 90s??? No I know, the sovereign will of God has to be the ONLY reason because of stuff like this.

By the way, remember the video series “Hells Bells” put out by a family values ministry?? Basically, if you listened to AC/DC, Boston, and Journey–you were going to hate your parents and kill somebody!

These clips are the alternatives to the above bands during the same era.? No wonder we’re a joke in many circles!

Stolen Trailer Billboards and Silly Marquees

Saw this video the other day from Kinetic Church in Charlotte, NC . . . unbelievable compassion for the people who stole a church’s gear–almost all of their gear–and they are portable and meet in a movie theater.

Here is an example of their BILLBOARD CAMPAIGN to help them make contact with the thief to forgive them in person and to hopefully lead them to Christ through their compassion.

Check out the pastor, Dave Milam’s blog for updates on this amazing act of compassion.

Really makes the SILLY CHURCH MARQUEES that my friend Daniel saw today seem really dumb and irrelevant.

Today’s Silly Marquees:

“A pessimist is someone who needs a swift kick in the can’ts.”

“Walking by faith isn’t sitting in a pew.”

Saw a classic one today as well personally–“Sign broken (on one side) Message inside (on other side)”

“Jesus loves you whether you like it or not!”

And the hits just keep on coming!? Saw this on a marquee in Springfield on a church that shall remain nameless to protect the (ahem) innocent.? Once again, true statement, but seriously I feel like I am talking to Taylor about eating his veggies!

Jesus is coming back, and boy is he mad!

Jesus is coming back, and boy is he mad!? Just saw this on a bumper sticker of a car. Could tell it was a “preacher” because of the personalized license plates stating it was said preacher. This statement was one side of the bookend with “Heaven or Hell: You decide” on the other bookend with a HUGE Skull & Crossbones saying “Sin Kills” in the middle. Seriously . . . if you have that on your car, what must you be like in person–in the pulpit!?! Unbelievable!!

And we wonder why people run around thinking that God is mad at them!? By the way, God is not mad at you!! He loves you more than anything! My biggest problem with this whole post is that God loves the creator as well as the “sticker-on-er” of the crazy bumper stickers as much as those He is supposedly “mad” at!!

Lord, help me to have as much grace for Christians who don’t believe and act in love as I do for those who are not believers. Lord, help the Church to become a relevant, gracious, loving people who are helping people find the truth, not drive them away with our quippy little bumper stickers.

“You think it’s hot here!”

That is from an actual sign marquee in front of a church in Northern Arkansas that a friend saw earlier this summer. I know that it’s not original at all. Probably got it from some little “Church Marquee Sayings for Dummies” book at the local Christian bookstore. Are you kidding me? Katy, bar the door because people are going to come flocking to your church with an attitude like that! I find it humorous, but also extremely sad when we continue to have this almost weekly text of really bad marquee sayings. They might be funny to someone . . . I guess the guy who puts them up on the marquee, but they continue to send a sad message to the rest of the world. The message is that “we have it all together” and “you are not welcome, unless you straighten up.” We have a statement around here that says “No Perfect People Allowed.” It’s not that we aren’t striving to live holy lives for God. It is just that we want to send a message to those outside of this community of faith that they matter to God and they can come to Him no matter what their condition.

The air conditioning is broken in the sanctuary and won’t be fixed until Monday. That saying of “you think it’s hot in here” has been said several times around here lately, even by me, and is quite funny . . . but it is also quite sad that we sometimes forget what we are about and minimize what Christ did in conquering the grave. I want us to always have a good time, but also always think of what Christ has done for us to keep us out of the eternal fires of hell–separated from Christ for eternity.

See you on Sunday . . . with your shorts and flip flops on . . . cause it’s going to be pretty warm. I think I’ll become a child again on Sunday so I can hang out in the cool air!