Happy Thanksgiving from the Stones, Lesters, Mielkes, Kimmels, & Perry from @FBCBelleGlade!

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If I Were Satan – ThomRainer.com

Great post! Starts with this quote:

If I were Satan . . .

I would focus on the churches. I would get members to demand their own preferences. I would urge them to complain about the length of the pastor’s sermons and the color of the carpet. I would set member against member to fight over the right worship style. And I would make the business meeting the time where the most carnal members spoke and fight and destroyed.

and gets better from there!!  Check it out!

If I Were Satan – ThomRainer.com.

Happy Birthday, Tucker!

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Happy 7th Birthday, Tucker

Hard to beleive, but Tucker is 7 years old today! He made a Candyland cake after school and we are eating his birthday dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants–Cheddar’S!







Ed Stetzer – Politics, Pollsters, and Fox News

I have met Dr. Stetzer a couple of times in a church planting context in Missouri while a church planter. I say “met” by shaking his hand and maybe asking a few questions about leadership and church planting. I would hardly call him a close friend, but I do read most everything I can get my hands on by him about whatever he writes about–whether it be statistics, theology, missions, or even politics.

The last several days, he has had some really good posts about the election and the “aftermath” of Tuesday’s results. I second his emotion about it finally being over…may we all be a little nicer to one another and celebrate the UNITED States of America on Sunday as we celebrate our Veterans and their sacrifice for this country–the greatest country in the world.  Enjoy a couple of these posts (and a few selected quotes). Have a great weekend!

Ed Stetzer – People Have Spoken– What Should Christians Do Now?

So it is appropriate for us to ask the question, “What now?” Well, here are some observations and suggestions:

  1. We must face the reality that we may be on the losing side of the culture war. For decades, the “religious right” has focused its energies on winning the day through political means. But this year, voters in more than one state appear to have clearly passed referenda supporting gay marriage. This marks the first time for any state to legalize same-sex marriage by the expressed will of the people rather than through court rulings or legislation. While this certainly does not mean we should stop legal or political efforts completely, it does mean that we should begin thinking about what it looks like to be the church in a “post-culture war” era. We need to be prepared to defend the protection of religious liberty as we move into the future.
  2. The fight for the unborn continues. This year one of the major political parties, at their national convention, actually celebrated the right to abortion. This is a shift from the posture in years past, when at the very least it was seen as something that we hoped to keep to a minimum. (I mentioned that constant cheering for abortion rights at the DNC.) In fact, that same party actually removed the language from their platform that referred to keeping abortions “safe, legal, and rare.” Rod Snyder, of Young Democrats of America, said in our interview that President Obama does believe that we should work to reduce the number of abortions, but still, this development in the party that has secured the highest office in the land is cause for grave concern and even grief. We need to continue to fight for life through education, advocacy, ministering to women, and promoting orphan care in our churches. President Obama, I am ready to partner with you on the part where we start reducing abortions.
  3. The “Mormon Moment” is not something to be dismissed and forgotten just because the election is over. In recent days, much discussion has centered around how we should view Mormonism. I have made the case that while it does qualify as a cult in the theological sense, I do not think that we should use that language in general. Many people jumped to the conclusion that I was saying this for political reasons, in order to elect Governor Romney. However, this has been my position for some time, and it continues to be my position after the votes have been counted. This election has brought Mormonism to the forefront of people’s minds, and we should not forget our responsibility to reach out to our friends and neighbors for Christ. Just because the conversations die down doesn’t mean that the mission goes away.
  4. We must remain respectful and law-abiding citizens, regardless of this outcome. We exercised a tremendous right, perhaps the greatest privilege that we havea999purplethumb_2050081722-14730.jpeg as Americans. Over 200 years ago, a group of very brave men stood up against “taxation without representation” and fought to develop a nation in which its citizens could have a voice. We only need to look at pictures in recent years of brave men and women in countries like Iraq, dipping their fingers into purple ink and showing their happiness and pride over the right to cast their vote.We have that privilege. We exercised it this year. We will exercise it again. Regardless of the outcome, that is a great privilege and shouldn’t be taken for granted. We now need to go back to our homes, our schools, and our places of work and be respectful and gracious to others who have also used their voice.
  5. When our King returns, He won’t be riding a donkey or elephant. For those of us who believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, nothing has changed. The Gospel is still real, and we still serve a God who has declared victory over sin and death. Anything that we do through political means is not to hold back the darkness lest it will overtake us. Rather, the charge to the church is to advance a kingdom that has already prevailed. Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, our King is still sitting on His throne.

So let’s all slow down, take a deep breath, and do the same thing we did yesterday–preach the Gospel, love people, and engage in God’s mission.

Ed Stetzer – Politics, Pollsters, and Fox News: Dont Create a “Conservative” Set of Facts.

I am going to move on from the election theme now, but my hope is that we can tone down the rhetoric (not just with those who have opposing views, but also with each other). I think we need to do better next time by not calling pollsters liars and not believing the unbelievable– even when it is on Fox News.

Jenny singing for senior adult group at FBC West Palm Beach.

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Had a great time at The Swamp! We’ll get ’em next time! #mizzou

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