Build an iPhone 5 dock for $1

Love my new iPhone 5. . . WAY better than the iPhone 3GS I have had for three years now. It was definitely getting tired! However, Houston, we have a problem…the power cable is “new and improved.” Translation: None of the dozen or so cables I have for the iPhones and iPods don’t work on the 5. The biggest problem is when you are traveling, like I was a couple of weeks ago. Kind of embarrassing to ask the gas station attendant if you can borrow an outlet every time we stop for a bathroom break! This dude has a solution…and it’s only a BUCK!


[tentblogger-youtube SWtEqHiG8Wo]

Build an iPhone 5 dock for $1 – YouTube.

Cool time-lapse of Space Shuttle Endeavour in L.A.

Cool video from LA Times of the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it traveled through the city to be retired at the California Science Center. Pretty amazing how they moved that 85 ton thing through the streets of L.A.

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