Signatures, Closings, and Spiritual Heritage

Well, we are currently the owners of TWO HOUSES now . . . for just a few more days!? We closed on our house in Carthage and will move in on Friday and Saturday!? We close on our house in Ozark on August 12th at the latest.? Thank you Lord for really working this stuff all out so smoothly!

I was just sitting here processing the whole real estate closing process this morning as it all happened so quickly.? That is pretty amazing all of the forms and signatures. The worst thing is the final several documents that you sign that show how much you are “really” spending on your loan if you just pay the payment the entire period of the loan.? Boy, we need to get on it and apply extra to that principle!

I am finding that my signature (at least the “William” part) is looking WAY too much like my dad’s.? I guess that is the way things are supposed to be.? We are supposed to look and act like our parents aren’t we?? Read more

Sweet Home Carthage, Missouri!

Go ahead and sing along to the?Lynyrd Skynyrd tune! . . . That was nice!!

We will hopefully have the keys to our new house tomorrow around NOON!!? We are really excited to get moved this weekend!? We have the truck rented for Friday and Saturday.? I am really grateful to the folks who are going to help us on Friday and Saturday!

Will sent some pics tomorrow!!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

We are continuing our Extreme Makeover series this weekend with a message from the Book of Haggai called “Rebuilding.”? I will be preaching at the Carthage campus and I am REALLY excited about this message!? Pastor John will be joining us at the Carthage campus to help us with our baptisms that we are having in both services!

The baptism service is going to be extra special for me as I am going to have the privilege of baptizing Taylor! We are really proud of him and all of the awesome things that God is going to do in his life!? A whole bunch of our family and friends are going to be down to celebrate this awesome day with us!

Then later on in the evening, Pastor John and I are teaching the 1st Base, Discovering Forest Park Class.? Wow, lots of stuff!? You don’t want to miss this Sunday at Forest Park Carthage!!? See you there!

Kid’s Camp Pics Days 1 & 2

We have had an EXTREMELY BUSY day at camp our first full day!? The kids went to “The Edge” here at Windermere, had tribal challenge games (lots of water and messy stuff), and are going to have a pool party tonight.? We are headed to worship and I am really excited about what God is teaching these kids about how we can trust him no matter how afraid we are or how difficult the situation might be.

Here are some pics of Day 1 & 2 . . . mainly my kiddos in my room as well as our Finley Crossings kiddos.? Enjoy!

Children’s Camp

We are at Windermere on the Lake of the Ozarks with Hopedale Baptist Church and Church at Finley Crossings Kids Camp.? I really love hanging out with these little guys, but they wear me out with all of their stories about everything under the sun.? And the funny thing is like at dinner, they all want to tell their stories to me at the same time and step all over one another!? I remember a young youth pastor appeasing me the same way while I was at a friend’s house for a DiscipleNOW weekend, so I believe turnabout is fair play!!

The thing that breaks my heart is really that these children, really they are just babies, don’t live in a vacuum. Read more

Sweet Sign!!

Just a picture of a really sweet sign for us yesterday!!? Close on the August 12th.? Contract in only 20 days on the market!? Thank you God!!

By the way, I think the “I’M GORGEOUS INSIDE” was the major seller in the whole deal!!

Tucker’s Surgery

Well, he is getting back to himself . . . climbing up the bunk beds with one good arm, jumping off of everything, etc.? Here are some pics of him immediately after his surgery on Tuesday.

Tucker’s Surgery Went Great!

Tucker just got out of recovery and did really well!.? He is drinking apple juice and red popcicles.? What a brave little boy!? We are ready for some Chick-fil-A soon–Jenny promised him chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A after he got done.

Oh My Josh!

Wow, just sitting here watching the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby, and Josh Hamilton from the Texas Rangers hit 28 HOME RUNS in the FIRST ROUND!!? He didn’t even have to hit in the second round to get into the FINALS!!!!? His pitcher, Clay Council is 71 years old!? Are you kidding me?? Amazing story.? Plus he had opportunity to talk about how awesome he is, but he chose to talk about how God has just changed his life over the last couple of years!!? Impressive indeed!

Buildings, Buildings, Buildings

We are meeting with an architect on Thursday to talk about our needs and goals at Forest Park Carthage’s new building!!? We are heading to Tulsa here in a bit to check out their facility and talk to their facilities manager about what to look for in a building.

We are starting a building campaign in October and will try to get things going soon.

I’ll post later some pictures, etc. of the visit.