To the Ends of the Earth . . . G.O. Team

Green LightThe word church in the original language of the the New Testament can be translated “the called out ones.” Part of being called out is that we ALL have a calling to GO! That might mean that we are called to GO overseas to tell others about our great God. However, that might also mean that we are called to GO next door, or to the next office cube down and be a good neighbor, build a relationship in order that we might be able to share the Good News of Christ to them!

Tomorrow evening, our church is beginning a journey . . . a journey to GO! GO to reach our COMMUNITY . . . our NATION . . . our WORLD. March 1st, at 6:30 p.m. at CFC, we are having our first G.O. Team (Global Outreach) meeting. Johanna Jones is heading up this crucial team and I would like for you to hear her heart on the matter.
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Free Throws, Free Throws, Free Throws

frustratedbears.jpegIt’s 15 feet from the basket . . . on basketball courts all over the planet. We shoot them from the time you begin playing basketball as a kid (although it might be from the bottom of the circle for the little ones!). In the end, you have to make your free throws in big games. Missouri State ended the game last night against Southern Illinois 15 of 25 from the line. The final score was 51-47 SIU.You can’t miss free throws and expect to win in the MVC or any other conference for that matter! The difference it seems in the game last night from my seat way up in the blue seats–poise. Southern Illinois looked and acted like they had been there before at the two minute mark . . . sadly, the Bears didn’t. Missed free throws, poor execution by the Bears. . . made free throws, poise in execution by the Salukis equals a win for SIU.

Sure the officiating was AWFUL (and seems to be worse every year), but it was awful for both teams. It depends how you are going to react to the horrible calls. Making or missing free throws doesn’t depend on the officials! They called their share of fouls on Southern Illinois, we just didn’t make our free throws!!


I really hope we can learn from this loss. We are probably going to have to win out the rest of the season and go deep or win the Valley Tournament to get to the NCAA Tournament. Missed free throws=Missed opportunities.

The pictures in the News-Leader say it all.

Five of the Best Words in Sports

St-Louis-Cardinals-CelebrationPitchers and catchers report tomorrow! For the WORLD CHAMPION St. Louis Cardinals anyway. For the Cardinals, it could almost be “catchers report tomorrow” as there are many question marks about the pitching staff. With many injuries, trades, free agents, etc. it should be an interesting Spring Training in Florida for the Redbirds. It is good to have the great game back on the radar.

A Great Coach . . . a Great Man

Jim Pearson, my golf coach, P.E. teacher, and one of my favorite people at Kickapoo High School, died yesterday from a long battle with cancer. He was a great man. A man of high character and integrity! Here is the article in the News-Leader. Read more

Monday Morning Reflections

Wow, it was so great to be back in our church on Sunday morning! What was even better was the fact that our staff has been working really hard in getting our First Impressions teams up and going. They hit a home run on Sunday morning!! The band rehearsed at 8 a.m. and were finished and ready to go at 9 a.m.!! That is when about 40 people started showing up to our new prayer time at 9:15 a.m. Heather Payne has so graciously volunteered to watch kiddos for that 45 minute time so that our other teams, First Impressions, Worship team, Sight & Sound, Cafe, Children’s Ministry teams could pray for the services!! Thanks Heather!!

We had several first time guests that I think are going to come back because you guys did such an awesome job in making them feel at home!! Way to go!! Read more