Here we go again . . . this time in Morrisville

I was talking to a colleague of mine about this incident of the firing of the coaches in Morrisville this week. His brother is an associate athletic director at UCLA and former football coach. His brother says there are two kinds of coaches “those who’ve been fired, and those who will be fired.” Coaches realize the “business” they are involved, however, the recent firings or “resignations” in Morrisville are not exactly what should be expected.

Check out these articles here and here in the local papers and here on KSPR and here on Ozarks

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Easter Highlights and Mind Dump

Wow, we had an awesome Easter ( Resurrection Sunday, right Kristina?)!!

It started off early with a great breakfast and family portraits from David Eslick. Dave was my Scoutmaster growing up (Once and Eagle, Always an Eagle–that’s what they say anyway). He was also the photographer for our wedding. Of course that was way back before digital photography!

I don’t care how hard we try to get the boys to bed early on Saturday nights, it always seems to be later than it needs to be. I just seems to be a really long day for them when we both have to be there early. But they did get to bed at a relatively decent time (especially Tucker) and I was able to put some finishing touches on the message and ironing, etc. before getting to bed.

I thought the service was AWESOME! Eric and the band and singers did an awesome job in leading us to the throne this morning! It really is easy to do what I do best after following a great worship experience!

I am feeling like I am getting stronger each week on my preaching. I have really been working hard on my “craft” lately. I was talking with a friend this week about what a difficult sermon it is to preach on Easter. There is always expectations (mostly our own, but sometimes others), the “flannel-graph factor” (heard it before), and such a diverse crowd . . . just makes for a difficult week or weeks of preparation. I know most of my friends and fellow pastors were up like me on Saturday really working hard on that message.

Something that struck me this Easter, I guess because of reading through Acts, is that the message is so simple–especially for the apostles. They just told the story in it’s simple form–Christ died for you. So many times, especially on Easter, we try to make it way too complex. I hope I didn’t make it too complex today.

Well, I had better get some much needed sleep. Sleep off my Easter hangover!

Friday is for . . . Friends

This is a very sad Friday is for . . . installment. My friend and especially Taylor’s friend, Randy Towe was officially fired at the Nixa School Board meeting last night. Here is an article concerning the issue.

The problem we are dealing with is really at the core of what education and “extracurricular” sports are all about.

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T-E-A-M Go Team!!

The team for our October trip to Kenya is set!! Check out this Motley Crew as we get ready to go to Kenya in October!

Please be praying for our team, the people in Africa, and our people as we are ALL a part of the team whether you are going or not! I know that sounds crazy, but we are in the beginning stages of partnering with a Manna Worldwide feeding center in Mombasa, Kenya. This is a partnership between our entire church family and those in Mombasa, not just the 11 people going on this Kenya ’08 trip. You are our partners as well!! Our church is going to be locking arms with other believers to bring clean drinking water, food, and education to children there in Mombasa.

Step Into Africa

worldvision.jpgRidgecrest Baptist Church are sponsoring the World Vision Experience this Friday, March 7th-10th at Remington’s. This World Vision exhibit will take you into the life of a child living with the fear and consequences of AIDS.

Check out this post on our G.O. Blog for more information.

You can also check out the World Vision Experience online for all kind of information.

Make Money for Missions!!

budnwalts.jpgEvery time you eat at Bud & Walt’s, you make money for missions! Here is a great article about Bud & Walt’s Pizza and Pasta in Nixa that was started to make money for missions in Russia. How cool is that??

That pizza just tastes that much better to me now!!

Friday is for Friends (Saturday Edition)

I intended on posting this several weeks ago . . . then yesterday . . . but you know how time seems to just get away from you!

One of my best friends growing up and still to this day is Brandon Boyd. We went to the same church, both of our dads were college professors at SMSU, and we lived in the same neighborhood together.

His mom and dad, Charles and Pat Boyd, are some really cool people who have been really on mission for the Lord after “retiring” several years ago. I use “retire” in parenthesis because I believe they are just as busy if not more involved that they have ever been in their lives.

Charles and Pat are currently in Mirfield, England where Charles is an interim pastor at Zion Baptist Church, an old historic Baptist church that cannot afford a full-time pastor. Here is their monthly newsletter for February. Please be praying for the Boyds and the Zion Baptist Church!