Wednesday Cambodia Update

Keep praying for our medical team in Cambodia!? They are 12 hours ahead of us, so it is Thursday morning!

Hey All

Thanks for your prayers, we had a great day.? It started off by being cloudy and breezy.? It was still pretty warm, but not unbearably HOT like yesterday.

When we arrived at the clinic we were told of a young lady that was possibly having a miscarriage.? So, Dr. Kit and I went to see her. (I know, I was thinking the same thing.? Take the guy with not medical experience when you have two nurses and Doctor?!?!?!?!?) He decided that she was having complications from a previous miscarrieage and that she wasn’t pregnant.? She did need IV fluids and to be taken to the hospital.? Terry came to give her the IV, she told me to pray because she hadn’t done that in over 20 years.? God was good and Terry was able to get the IV in quickly. We later found out that she is the wife of one of our translators.? Neither of them are believers, but he has been asking many questions.? We stopped by to see them this evening at the hospital and they were shocked that we would take the time to stop by.? Please pray that God would use this time to draw them both into His Kingdom.? His name is Reth and I don’t remember her name.

After the excitement of the morning the day was pretty routine.? We all continued doing the same jobs as yesterday.? We saw around 130 patients today.

Tonight, we had a treat for dinner.? We had home-made French fries with our sweet-and-sour chicken, water melon,? and rice.? All in all our meals have been pretty good, but the fries brought a smile to everyone’s face.

God is at work and we are glad to be part of what HE is doing.

Thanks again for your continued prayers,

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