Monday is for . . . Scripture Memory. I have started a new Scripture memory endeavor that I am really excited about! I have been reading Tim Brister’s blog on my reader for quite a while now and decided to take the plunge and memorize the Book of Philippians with him with the “Partnering to Remember Moleskine.”


Here are some pics of mine that I got finished up a couple of days ago. Perfect size to fit in your back pocket to look at while you have a spare moment here and there throughout the day.

I decided to redo the PDF that Timmy Brister created and was publicized on the Resurgence blog to change to the NIV. (UPDATE: I decided to go back to the ESV because of several conversations with friends as well as this video swayed me back to ESV moving forward.)I know, I know, all the cool kids are on the ESV bus! However, the primary version I have preached from my entire preaching career, since 1994 or so, has been NIV. Before that, I had an NIV bible growing up and had memorized all of my verses in the NIV translation. I also have done the Navigators Topical Scripture Memory program in the NIV as well.  So I have decided to go “old school” and memorize in the NIV. I know I am not totally a heretic as there are very good Bible scholars, like this guy, who use the NIV to preach and teach out of…probably for some of the same reasons. Here is proof from the Discussion Guide from “Secret Church” that he teaches at his church…

Welcome to Secret Church. There are two reasons we are here this evening. One is to know God’s Word more intimately. Most of our time together is going to be spent diving into Scripture to uncover some of the timeless truths contained in this incredible living Book. You’ll need a Bible, this study guide and a pen this evening. If you didn’t bring a Bible, you’ll find free copies available to you in the lobby. Dr.Platt will be teaching from the New International Version(NIV), but you’ll be able to easily follow along with any modern translation.

Here is the PDF that was the basis for my moleskine from the Resurgence Blog.


Here is a PDF of my NIV version of the memory portion. Feel free to download and tweak it how you would like to.


Here is a very helpful essay from Dr. Andrew Davis called “An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture.” It will be very advantageous for you to read through this essay to get the gist of the approach before moving too far forward.


I have a very good friend that I just met with for lunch that is going to journey with me to memorize Philippians together to keep me accountable. I am hoping that God will give me the discipline and the desire to do this.

Have you done any long memorization of scripture? If so, tell us what you did and how God worked through the process.

Maybe you have other methods or plans of scripture memory. What are they and how have you seen God work through those as well?

By the way, I am using a new WordPress Plugin to put the PDFs on my blog. Not sure if I like it or not…cool, but very bulky? Thoughts from the 3 1/2 people who read this thing?