Cambodia Mission Update

Just got this from our missions pastor, Brock Cummins.? I was planning on going with the team on this trip, but it just didn’t work out.? Please keep these four people in your prayers!? Pray also for the missionary doc, the Cambodian people that are receiving medical care there.

Hey All,

I apologize for not getting an update out sooner.? All of our flights went smoothly and we arrived Saturday night around 11:45pm local time.? All of our bags arrived with us and we had no trouble getting through customs with all the meds.

Sunday morning we did some shopping at a market in Phnom Penh.? Sunday afternoon we loaded up the van and the truck and headed to the province of Kompong Chhnaing (I don?t know how to pronounce it either.).? The hotel here is nice.? The air conditioners work great and we have hot water.

Today, we had a great first day at the village.? It is about 1 hour and 15 minutes from our hotel. Dr. Blake Little and Dr. Kit (a missionary Dr. with New Tribes Mission) saw 50+ people.? We shared the gospel with those who were seen.? Nurse Terry Osborne assessed everyone before they were seen by the Doctors.? Nurse Julie Reed and I worked in the pharmacy and we found some time to play with kids.

It is very HOT, but we are all surviving.? Terry and I both have colds.? Dr. Blake put us on antibiotics.? We both have bad coughs and squeaky voices.

Jessica, the missionary we are working with, is great.? She is taking wonderful care of us and did a great job of getting all the details taken care of before we arrived.

We are looking forward to another good day tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers,

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